A philosophical inspection in which the author suggest a different way to approach the question of how to best create the kind of towns and cities in…
The short story of how Kumazawa Banzan, a Japanese 17th century multi talented samurai scholar and ecologist, figured out a way to restore eroded…
This short post can be seen as a follow up, using a concrete example, on the earlier discussions of what constitutes the human scale as it relates to…
Suddenly, on Halloween, everyone gets it. And on Christmas. We send our children out to trick and treat, and suddenly we get it.
Or, Nature Loves Edges: It is almost like there is some universal law of nature that dictates that the more fractal, the more fine grained, the more…
Even Further Defintions of the Human Scale as it relates to town and cities. Human scaled materials are those that can be sourced, used, maintained…
Further Defintions of the Human Scale as it relates to town and cities, focusing on growth.
Defining the Human Scale as it relates to town and cities: Part I
Hassan Fathy Rediscovers Traditional Egyptian Architecture. A reading of a few pages in the famous 1969 with my running commentary.
The case of the Kyoto canal, or, building cities that can last a thousand years
Of all the questions I get on Twitter the most common is this: “How do you build a town?” We know how it used to be done, but these last two centuries…
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